Failure Analysis

We can carry out failure analysis to determine the mode and cause of failure of machinery components and structures. This includes site evaluations, examination of components or samples removed in our Perth laboratory. Failure analysis can identify the relative contributions of engineering design, material specification, manufacturing quality, previous repair and operational factors.

Our failure analysis reports will relate the information determined by engineering and metallurgical testing to industry expectations of service capability and operational conditions, to allow meaningful recommendations for mitigation of failures and improvements of in service performance.

Knowledge of the metallurgy and manufacturing processes used in the manufacture of machinery components and extensive experience in the manufacture and operation of machines allows us to take a deeper and broader view of the failure, taking into consideration a broad range of factors and expectations that exist in the real world.

In Perth the bulk of the failures examined are mining equipment components, from mobile plant such as haul trucks, shovels, excavators, crushers, conveyors, grinding mills and chemical process equipment. However, ships and trains are also represented. Diesel engine failures from mobile plant, locomotives, power stations and locomotives are a specialty, as are large and small power transmission gearboxes.

Premature failure or rapid wear of crusher liners and wear plates in general can be regarded as failures and are included in our range of experience. Unsatisfactory performance can be related back to metallurgical factors and recommendation made for improved performance.