Materials Consulting

35 years experience in the specification, manufacture, operation and failure analysis of a large range of plant and machinery components allows us to evaluate and recommend materials and manufacturing processes for manufacture of original and replacement parts. Testing in our laboratory allows evaluation and comparison of quality and expected performance of replacement parts such as diesel engine components, power transmission gears, shafts and bearings, wear consumables and many other items.

Preparation or review of material specifications for manufacture of large forgings such as shafts and gears, large and small castings such as rolling stock components to large SAG mill drive gears and crusher shells, fabricated structures such cranes and rockbreakers.

Review of design and quality specification for fatigue loaded welded structures such as mobile and fixed mining plant and equipment, determination the of nature and cause of welding defects during manufacture and evaluation of fitness for purpose of defective structures.

Site visits to manufacturing plants around the world, such as Germany or China, for evaluation of the capability to produce to the required quality specification, we have extensive experience in QA management auditing.